About Us

Accurate and quick decisions are often the determinant key in the world trade market. Those important decisions can only be made using up-to-date information, innovative tools, and, of course, one-hundred percent of our customers trust.

With more than ten years of solid experience working within the environment of international movement of merchandises, carry out with this task has been a pleasant job to do. We pride ourselves in giving always a full professional and personalized service.

Also, having a strong background with international brokerage , -especially in Japan, Hong Kong, Korea and Canada- and working with offices in Guadalajara, Mexico, has helped us to build a globalized concept of all cargo movements that assist us to visualize how important our part is in the complete process. This certain knowledge is basic in the management of custom issues once we are in charge of your merchandise.

Our customers are the most important people in our company organization. That´s the reason we had created this internet site. We offer them, from now on, accurate and detailed status information regarding their shipments, twenty-four hours a day , seven days a week.

When you need efficient, qualified and innovative service in the International Business, in Laredo we have the experience. Furthermore, in Bo Burge Inc., Licensed U.S. Custom House Broker, we have the knowledge to combine it with resourceful assistance.